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Online Bible Study Aids1 min read

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For my own reference, I am publishing this list.  But you might enjoy it also.  I’ll update it often.

Revision History

  • 09/29/06 – added NET bible
  • 09/20/06 – first draft

Hebrew Study Aids

  • Navigating the Bible II – the BEST English/Hebrew tool online – includes transliteration AND audio
  • TanakhML – "providing scholars with efficient tools for travelling over the Bible in Hebrew, as well as with a common descriptive language for describing the structure of the Bible according to the Jewish masoretic tradition."
  • – lots of links to various online Hebrew Bible helps.
  • Hebrew Language Resources – looks simple, but some helpful tools like alphabet chart, simple vocabulary list, scanned in original text of Biblia Hebraica 1839 and 1837

Bible History and Versions

Bible and Bible Commentaries Online

  • – a searchable online bible in over 50 versions
  • Crosswalk – includes commentaries and versions like the Geneva Bible, with original commentary
  • ESV Online – These guys are innovative
  • Blue Letter Bible – nice links to Strong’s and such.
  • The NET Bible – a great, online translation with no copyright restrictions and awesome notes.