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SERIES: Christ and Buddha: A Christian Synthesis1 min read

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This is actually an outline for a book on this subject I would like to write. One of about 8! So little time to help. Sigh. One step at a time.

  • Part I – Introduction
  • Part II – What is Truth?
  • Part III – What is a Worldview?
  • Part IV – Christianity Defined – The Christian World View
  • Part V – Buddhism Defined – The Buddhist World View
  • Part VI – What is Meditation?
  • Part VII – What is Sorely Lacking in Modern Christianity
  • Part VIII – What Buddhism Offers the Christian
  • Part IX – What is Sorely Lacking in Buddhism
  • Part X – What Christianity Offers the Buddhist
  • Part XI – Yoga and the Christian
  • Part XII – Conclusions