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Can sexual predators be rehabilitated?2 min read

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Now that we know the murderer of Clemson student Tiffany Souers was a repeat sex offender and been convicted of rape multiple times, the questionbecomes – can sexual predators be rehabilitated?

We didn’t know much about the “bikini strangler” before. The police released grainy photos of him at a drive through ATM with bandanas tied all around his head and face. The police profile said he was a young man (18-25), this was probably his first crime, he may have known or been friends with the victim. One Fox News analyst even said the killer must have been someone who hated women who wore revealing clothing, this was why he used a bikini to strangle Tiffany.

No we see Jerry Buck Inman and he doesn’t look much like our profile. He is 35-year-old man with a history of sexual crimes. A news report last night said he has spent all of 8 months of his adult life outside of jail. He has repeatedly shown that he has no intention of living a productive life in society.

If a person like this cannot be changed and refuses to change, is the death penalty or at least life in prison not the only option. Even if someone has not progressed to murder yet, could we not remove a serial rapist from society in order to protect our children? There are too many sex offenders who get out of jail and continually committ the same crimes mainly against women and children.

When I see this guy, he is the poster child for why we need tougher sentencing for sex crimes, especially for sexual predators. He should have never been out walking around, much less out stalking another victim. The only thing that his victims and Tiffany’s family can take solace in is that he will never do this again. He has confessed to the murder and he will get the death penalty.