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Aborting a Baby Is Legal in Britain, but Depicting It Is a Crime1 min read

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Reformed Chicks Babbling has a good post entitled Abortion and Conscience, a commentary on the recent case in Britain where a pro-lifer working in a British hospital decided to educate the Hospital’s Chief Exec on what abortions really look like.  He took pictures and video and sent them to some hospital staff.  The result?  He was jailed for 28 days.  What’s going on here?  The chicks have it right.

What’s going on?  I’ll tell you what’s going on; it called the guilty conscience…The hospital director was "offended" because she was reminded of what her conscience is trying to suppress; that abortion ends the life of a human being. Plain and simple….People get really defensive when their deeds of darkness are exposed by light, as seen in the reaction by the administration of the UK hospital.