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The Rise of Christian Nationalism1 min read

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Kingdom Journalist Michelle Goldberg, a senior writer for the online magazine Salon, has written a new book entitled  Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian NationalismAlthough she approaches the topic from a bit of an alarmist liberal view, she has obviously done her research.  Check out the excellent interview with her on today’s Fresh Air.

One of her most interesting points is that the christian conservative movement is not just a political movement, but part of a "parallel culture" which has it’s own media, schools, think tanks, political organizations, and every other significant social organization that exists in mainstream culture.

In her interview and book, she covers such topics as Recontructionism/Dominionism (but not the related ideas of Kingdom Now and the Cultural Mandate), the increasing willingness of Congresspersons to be on the same conference platforms as some radical right people that they used to shun (like Rick Scarborough from Vision America), the influences of Pat Robertson and D. James Kennedy on politics, as well as many other players like Patrick Henry College that you may not have heard of, and the "demonization" of gays in order to have a common political enemy. 

Some of this, of course, is liberal fear-mongering, but there is a lot of good information in the interview, and she mentions people and organizations that I have never heard of, and may need to join ;).