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Holland Leads the Way Down the Slippery Slope of Sex2 min read

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For all of those liberals who comfort themselves at night that liberalism and the pro-gay agenda certainly aren’t connected with other sexual deviancy like pedophilia, polygamy, and bestiality, here’s an article for you – Pedophiles to launch political party (in Holland).

The party said it wanted to cut the legal age for sexual relations to 12 and eventually scrap the limit altogether.

Hey, 12-year olds are sexually active – I mean, why judge their morality by telling them that sex before marriage is wrong?  Just hand them some condoms and show them how to have "safe sex" with their local 30 year old.

More fun quotes from that article:

Right-wing lawmaker Geert Wilders said he had asked the government to investigate whether a party with such "sick ideas" could really be established.

OMG, who is he to JUDGE!!  "Sick?"  Perverted?  What a right wing fascist.

Now, I’m not saying that gays are pedophiles, but what I am saying is that pro-gay logic leads right to this place – justifying every type of sex as if it is "normal" if it seems biologically determined.  I know that pro-gay logicians hate this analogy and association, and have their own reasons for opposing other types of sexual unions.  I’m just saying that they get some of the credit for pushing such perversions into the mainstream, because they brought their own in with such hubris – on the coat-tails of every "my genes made me do it and so it’s OK" argument are the polygamists, pedophiles, and beatialists. 

Like it or not, gays are paving the way for everyone else who wants to justify their own sexual sin.  SIN.  God made you straight, but your circumstances have pushed you away from normality to a the current emotional adaptation you think of as your friend.  But it’s against nature.  Against YOUR nature.  You’re only kidding yourself, and not the truth.

Flame on.