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Why Do Christians Ignore Peacemakers?1 min read

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Mike at Ex-Gay Watch asked a really good question that I would like to discuss. 

Christian and Muslim peacemakers have both come under recent attack from Islamic fundamentalists.

Meanwhile, Focus on the Family has been strangely silent about these threats. Searches of the Focus web site for the martyred Tom Fox and his kidnapped Christian Peacemaker Team in Iraq turn up nothing. The Focus FAQ on Islam says nothing about liberal or moderate Muslims.

Why does Focus [and the evangelical church in general] deny the existence of headline-making peacemakers?

Why have we not complained more loudly about the death of these Christians?   Note that the "Christian left" has spoken up.  Is it because they were CHINOs (Christian in Name Only)?  Was it because they were theologically or politically liberal?  Do we think that their approach to peacemaking is unbiblical or foolish?  Is it because they might be pacifists?