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Ex-Gay Christian School Teacher Accused of Sexual Abuse1 min read

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Today the south Florida Sun Sentinel published an article entitled Parent says he raised red flag a year ago about teacher accused of sexual abuse. This brings up a lot of questions:

  • Is this a black eye only for ex-gays, or for gays also?
  • Did the therapy drive the teacher to molest minors, or was he trying to overcome that urge through his therapy?
  • Do we really trust that ex-molesters can ever be trusted with children?
  • How many gays are also "man-boy love" gays? I’m sure the number is a minority (studies seem to indicate no link), but I might trust gays with my kids as much as, say, a priest. Are all priests pedophiles? Probably not, but how many are? There seems to be a link between pedophile priests and homosexuality
  • Even better, how could I identify a pedophile, regardless of their profession or orientation?
  • For a scary, if not unbelievable position, some claim that there is a link between left-handedness and pedophilia.  Hmm.