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James Dobson – gay rights advocate?1 min read

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For many of those who support gay rights, Dr. Dobson is the epitome of the “hate-filled Christians.” But Dobson is taking flack from many on the right for his support of a Colorado measure that would give some rights to any two people who can’t marry – including gay couples.

Dobson endorsed a “measure that would allow any two people who can’t marry – everyone from gay couples to two elderly sisters – to sign up and get the right to visit one another in the hospital, transfer property and make medical decisions for one another.”

He has been attacked continuously for this stance and has interupted his scheduled programming twice to address the attacks.

Maybe many of Dobson’s critics will think twice about their constant lampooning of him, but probably not. Once you get a strawman beat down, it takes too much work to find a new one to destroy.