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Orson Scott Card on ID1 min read

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Ender O.S. Card, a legendary sci-fi author, has just weighed in on Intelligent Design in an article entitled Creation and Evolution in Schools.  He is no fan of creationism ("Creation Science was an attempt by fundamentalist Christians to give the Genesis account, as interpreted by them, a scientific veneer. But it was only that — a thin "), but has some very good things to say about evolutionists’ responses to ID – he calls them "illogical, personal, and unscientific." 

If Darwinists persist in trying to tar the Designists with the Creation-Science brush, then it is bound to appear, to anyone who has actually examined both, that the Darwinists are trying to deceive us. (They’re apparently counting on most people to not care enough to discover the difference.)

He then goes on to categorize their responses more specifically as name-calling, credentialism, expertism, sniping, politics, prestidigitation, and true responses. 

Very insightful article from the author of one of my favorite books, Ender’s Game, soon to be a movie, yippee! (well, 2008).