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Athena and Eve – Biblical Interpretation of Greek Mythology1 min read

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Answers in Genesis, one of the premier Creationist sites, also dabbles fairly well in other related world view issues.  And they keep tempting me to subscribe to their journal by publishing articles from past issues.

The most recent is Athena and Eve, a nice discussion of the parallels between Greek mythology and the Genesis stories.  After a very lengthy and informative article, the author concludes

Modern scholarship has yet to learn the simple lesson that, without reference to the early events described in the book of Genesis, it is not possible to make any real sense of Greek mythology. In fact, the entire formidable religious framework of ancient Greek society means virtually nothing without reference to those events. The next time you’re in a bookstore or a library, go to the mythology section. Look at all the books on the subject and ponder all the fruitless theorizing and all the wasted paper that have resulted from writers leaving the Creator of Heaven and Earth out of what they imagine is their deep and reasonable thinking.