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On Stem Cells, Liberals Lack Ethical Caution1 min read

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Slate magazine (which has really good podcasts) has a nice article entitled Technical Knockout: The overconfidence of stem-cell liberals.  Nice to see a more liberal publication recognizing such craziness, not just newsbusters ;)  Here’s some nice quotes:

I’ve always liked Jews and liberals because they tend to prefer questions to answers. But maybe this is why I sometimes find myself leaning the other way on stem cells. On this issue, it’s the liberals who act as though they have the answers, possibly because they have the upper hand. To begin with, they have business on their side, and they swing that ax with all the shame of a clear-cutter.

And part of it is that Zoloth and other liberal evangelists for stem-cell research mirror the certainty of the Christian right just a little too well.

The article’s author also has an interesting book I want to check out – Bearing Right – How Conservatives Won the Abortion War.