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How to Argue Stupidly1 min read

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If you have been following Scott Adams’ brief foray into the Intelligent Design controversy, you may know that he was vociferously attacked (mostly by evolutionists) for being open minded.  In fact, he finally put up a post asking people to tell him Why He Was Stupid.  Having collected over 600 comments, he has now summarized them in a fun post called Results of Why I’m Stupid.  Here’s the bullet points of how to accuse somone of stupidity (stupidly ;) :
  1. Turn someone’s generality into an absolute.
  2. Turn someone’s factual statements into implied preferences.
  3. Turn factual statements into implied equivalents.
  4. Omit key words.
  5. Assume the dumbest interpretation.
  6. Hallucinate entirely different points.
  7. Use the intellectual laziness card.  (the evolutionist’s favorite bullying tactic)