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Evolution Dogma challenged again1 min read

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New research by an avian evolutionist and paleobiologist suggests that the long held belief that birds evolved from dinosaurs is false.

Lead researcher Alan Feduccia, of UNC, decribes the bird from dinosaur theory as “wish fulfillment” based on “sloppy science.”

Feduccia still maintains that evolution is true, so he can’t be painted as one of those “Bible-thumping creationist.”

But much of his points are an indictment of the whole of evolutionary science. Regarding the “evidence” for the bird from dinosaur theory he says:

The whole thing had become circular — birds are dinosaurs, so whatever we find on dinosaurs that looks like a rudimentary feather has got to represent the origin of feathers.

The article concludes with Feduccia saying:

There’s been way too much hyperbole. To get back to any good science you’ve got to get away from that and get back to the bench. I think the field is ripe for some young scientist who doesn’t have any cemented views to come in and look at this and paint it with a brand-new brush.

Hopefully young scientists will get back to “good science” and challenge accepted dogma. I hope more work like this will continue.