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‘Vote Christian’ is Anti-Jewish?1 min read

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Rev. Jerry Falwell is often the left’s poster boy for the religious right. Sometimes he makes some statements that place him on the fringe of the Evangelical movement. Sometimes he does some stupid things, but the Anti-Defamation League needs to focus on something a little more concrete and actually antisemetic than Falwell sending out a sticker that read “I Vote Christian.”

My question for the ADL is who should a Christian vote for, if not someone that shares their values? Is it anti-Christian or anti-Muslim for a Jewish organization to send out a fund raising letter that contains the phrase “Vote Jewish in 2008?”

This is one of my problems with the ADL, often they are on the forefront of calling attention to actual cases of antisemetism. But just as often they are out crying wolf over extremely innocent things.

I am not Jewish, so I cannot say what is truly offensive to them. But I can say for myself that I, as a Christian, would not be offended or even think twice about the ADL sending out a “vote Jewish” sticker.

They lose credibility during actual cases of discrimination against Jews when they call attention to silly things like this or when they claim that The Passion is going to spark violence against Jews across America and it doesn’t materialize.

The ADL should ask Falwell – once you lose credibility and respectability it is hard to get them back.