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Blogs you may not be reading3 min read

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The blogosphere is exploding with growth, with new blogs popping up everday. Most with very little fanfare and exposure. Not that Two or Three is rolling in traffic here, but I thought I would direct our readers to some worthy sites that they may not know about.

I know this will seem odd, a small blog linking to a mega-blog, but some may not know that the guys from PowerlinePowerline have started a news website – Powerline News. They have links to the world’s major newspapers, top stories, break down of top political blogs and tons of features for newshounds. If you are not already, go check them out.

May first entry into the world of blogging came with the discussions in the comment section of the Conjecturer. The main blogger, Josh is a Christian who recently announced to his blogging public that he was gay. But the blog offers indepth analysis of world events and culture implications. I do not agree with Josh on everything, but he is a excellent blogger and sort of my blogfather.

The Conjecturer was also where I met the rough, but loveable guys from Insulted. (Sam, a blogger from Insulted is a frequent commenter here.) There language is a bit, err, umm, "salty" and there politics is a little (sometimes a lot) left-leaning, but the guys there are great guys and superb writers. If you want to know what socially liberal people are thinking and hear good arguments as to why they think that way, do yourself a favor and read Insulted.

Every wonder what many of the top female minds (make that top minds period) in the Evangelical world are thinking? Bookmark the Intellectuelle for insights into everything from politics, to children, to science, to theology, to literature, to bioethics, etc. This group of ladies has put together an excellent blog that will only continue to grow and improve.

Another top female mind in the blogosphere is Stacy Harp from Mind & Media, the ministry that provides bloggers with books to review. Stacy is also the editor and blogger of Persecution Blog, the blog for the Voice of the Martyrs (one of my favorite ministries.) The blog highlights the suffering that Christians around the world are facing because of their faith.

More female blogging – Confessions of a Christian is a blog by Amber Lynn, who was hanging out, commenting and encouraging me very early in my blogging days at Wardrobe Door (which I still post at, just not very much, and basically only about personal faith issues). Recently, Amber was inspired to post a deep thought by Wal-Mart pajamas. Yes, she is that good.

The next blog has great writing, sharp layout, but the main reason why I like this blog is the title. I laugh everytime I see the title – Procrastinators of the world – Unite! (later). And just because I know everyone wants to hear the cheesy line, here it is – Don’t wait until later to read this blog.

Well that is my blog round up for today. Expand your horizons a little and go read some things and some views you may not have ever encountered. The blogosphere is a big, big place with lots of interesting people. Just don’t get lost and forget how to get back here.