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Screwtape’s first letter on the Blogosphere5 min read

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My Dear Nephew Wormwood,
It seems your charge has started what the human vermin call a “blog.” This presents new issues that you can use to bring him down, but you must be careful because like with anything the danger is always there that he will use it to glorify the Enemy.

We can eliminate the danger from many of these “bloggers” from the beginning by focusing them on anything but their faith. Lead him to start a political site, a humor site, a blog about his cat, anything but a site that presents the Enemy’s plan. We must keep them on either end of the extreme. The easiest way is to simply keep him away from speaking about Him.

For many of the deplorable humans, they insist on bringing Him into it despite our best efforts. While this may be dangerous, it also allows us some areas of attack.

Of course there are all the obvious avenues with which to assail him. Convince him to do some “research” on internet pornography. Yes, I know how destructive it is to them and deep down they know as well, but they can be so stupid sometimes. And before you ask it, yes I know they have that dreadful Spirit living inside them, but it is very easy to lead them away from His advice. While many are not subject to the outright temptation of pornography, we can lead them astray in lust just as easily without it. There is a commercial going around the internet right now that has been especially helpful.

But I have done some research on your vermin. He will bring up his Christian faith and it will be presented in almost everything he does, but even then we can use it to bring honor to our father below.

Our father’s most glorious reinventions (since all invention starts with the Enemy, but soon enough we will learn how to create instead of simply twist and pervert) has been Pride. You can bring down so many faithful Enemy soldiers by bringing pride into his life. I remember one of my charges who was a bright young evangelists out winning souls for Him, when I caused him to be prideful about what “he had done.” From there on out, I had him. It was so simply, especially for a skilled demon like me.

Your charge is very susceptible to pride, not neccessarily the out front, arrogant type, but the even more delicious spiritual pride. Like the pharisees before him, your charge loves to be right and is often times more concerned with winning an argument than seeing the Enemy victorious.

Here is where you must give him enough rope to hang himself. Allow him to enter into discussions from those on the outside (so many Enemy vermin have long forgotten how to talk with those on the outside). Then cause a argument to occur. Simply convince your seige that he must win this “debate” for the Enemy’s glory. After engaging in this for an extended period of time, he will come to see from the one he is arguing with, or he will finally listen to the Enemy Spirit, that he has done more harm than good. Seize that point and then take him to the other extreme of not talking about his faith for fear he will harm his own cause again.

The poor stupid humans. You can repeat this cycle over and over again with him. But NEVER, I mean never, let him acknowledge that he has a problem with pride. How do you think I kept many of the Pharisees from believing on the Crucified One?

Do not start with me on the issue of the Crucified One. In your last letter, I see that you hinted at me being prideful over causing Judas to betray Him. Everyone, inlcuding our father below, thought that by killing Him we would end it. No one had any idea that was His plan all alone. Do not test me child, while I was on that top mission, you were simply part of a legion that found their home in a group of pigs.

But enough of that, I am your uncle and your advisor and I should like to see you succeed. Not to mention the fact that if you fail, it will look bad on me. So do not miss this opportunity to win a victory for our lord. I look forward to telling our father below of OUR great victory in this new field of opportunity. (Do not dream of going around me to either take credit for the good and blame me for the bad. You do not want to endure my wrath. It rivals that of our lord, himself.)

See to it that your charge is afraid to share what the Enemy has done, in setting him free from us. But if he does spread that vile message, make sure his words are drenched in so much pride that all the potential sweetness is gone.

You will do well to mimic and not accuse or test me.

Affectionately Your Uncle,

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