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PCA Resolution Calls for Withdrawal from Public Schools1 min read

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Looks like a Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) pastor has introduced a resolution to his denomination to:

"remove their children from public schools and see to it that they receive a thoroughly Christian education."

They join the Baptists in doing so.  With the growing popularity of home schooling (great wikipedia link) and charter schools, it looks like more conservatives are pulling their kids out of the schools to give them a better education.  As of 2003, the National Center for Education Statistics reported over a million students in home schools.

Looks like the hyper-secularization of our schools and the growing religious sentiment in our country are causing the split between secular and sacred to widen.  It’s probably too bad for all of us.  But if secularists want God out of society, they will also spur the creation and growth of the conservative countercultures. 

The modern homeschooling movement, with its roots in early America before the public eduacation system begain was bolstered by hippies in the 60’s, and joined by the Christian right in the last couple of decades, is growing.  There’s even a National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance, and HSAs in about every state.