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Is the Christian Right Turning the US Into a THEOCRACY?1 min read

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The Prickly Pear has an eloquent article on why the conservative right is not worthy of the labels "extremist" or "theocratic."  I wish I had written it, it’s so good – and I agree with its tone and conclusions.  Here’s a snippet…
But what happens if  the religious right becomes the political majority and makes laws based on Christianity? Isn’t that establishing a theocracy? Not necessarily. For most of United States history, the majority of office holders were Christians, most with traditionalist views. These office holders passed many laws influenced by Christian theology and America didn’t become a theocracy.  Christian views have always impacted America’s laws and continues to do so today.

The illegality of polygamy is a prime example. In 1890 The Supreme Court forbade the practice of polygamy in the United States, stating in its opinion, "It [polygamy] is contrary to the spirit of Christianity and the civilization which Christianity has produced in the Western World." (1)  This law still stands today. The government closes down on Saturday and Sunday. The fact that  these days are when  Jews and Christians worship is not a coincidence. America’s major legal holiday is a Christian holiday. Yet, America isn’t a theocracy.