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Brother Jed1 min read

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Jed I was searching through google groups for old postings I made on the Usenet back in my college days, and found some postings I had made to  That newsgroup is a wasteland of spam now, but back then, it was used to track Brother Jed Smock, the traveling campus evangelist.  We always used to say that it wasn’t spring until Jed preached on campus.  He was well known for his old-style preaching delivery, and his very negative takes on "rock and rrrrrrrolllllll" (he would spin on one foot and point at the crowd while rolling this out of this mouth in a gutteral fashon), and his total dislike for "effeminate homo-SEX-uals."  He called frat boys whoremongers and sorority girls "slllluts!"

Jed2People would gather around him in a circle and mock him.  I remember mocking him at least once.  He ended up marrying another radical campus preacher named Sister Cindy.  I remember spitting at her once.  She was a self-described ex-disco queen who preached on campus just like Jed – she loved to make people angry.  They met, and had their first daughter, Evangeline (no kidding) while I was still in college. 

Anyway, bro Jed has a website