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Why bother with Kristof and Spong?1 min read

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What happens when you get New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and former Episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong together – not much of consequence.

If I cared enough about the thoughts of either of these two men, or at least thought they had some type of actual knowledge in the field Spong discusses in his book and Kristof in his column, I would fisk this column (and book) from now until my sons are in college.

Spong has no (or at the most very little circumstantial) evidence for the inflamatory things he throws out – Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, Paul was gay, Christians hate women, Christians hate sex, etc.

Kristof overplays the significance of yet another book by Spong attacking the basic doctrines of Christianty, while still maintaining that he is not a heretic as if it is a new revelation in the culture war.

Spng and Kristof have been saying the same things for years. They just repackaged it.

If you feel like it, read the column, do your own fisking or agreeing. I have better things to do.