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Total Truth, Part I2 min read

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Woo hoo! My first title from Mind & Media has arrived, and judging by the endorsements, it’s gonna be great. As you may know, M&M distributes books to reviewers for free, with an agreement that they review the books on their web site. You can learn more about their program and sign up if you wish, here. In this case, publisher Crossway Books, has provided Total Truth, by Nancy Pearcey.


If I’ve only got 30 days to read this book, I better get going! (I don’t really – that’s just the minimum time I must leave the M&M endorsement up in the sidebar, but I’ll leave it as long as it takes me to read the book.) I thought it would be just another easy-reader paperback- no way! It’s 465 pages!

The list of endorsements is impressive- James Sire, J.I. Packer, Ted Baehr, J.P. Moreland, Michael Behe, and others.

The subtitle, "Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity" is intriguing and hints at a challenge to the status quo. All of us with a rebellious streak find such hints strangely appealing – we might even break out in that sinister grin, or maybe even the beginnings of an evil laugh (muahahahaha). Stick it to the man!

The table of contents is equally impressive – 13 chapters broken into 4 parts – it looks wonderfully academic and content-rich, which is fine with me. If I have to read any more cutesie illustrative stories, I’m gonna scream!.

Too many Christian books seem filled with inspirationally stories rather than well-organized ideas arranged in a persuasive manner. I mean, I like Guideposts just as much as anyone else, but don’t sell me a whole book with chicken soup stories without warning me that that’s all you are selling! (Oops! Got on the soapbox – down boy!) I guess it takes all types of readers, but I’m glad I got this book instead of the latest "isn’t God wonderful" pablum, if you know what I mean. Meat, baby, meat! Anyway, thanks to Mind & Media for letting me review this book. However, I warn you – I won’t be nice just ’cause it’s a freebie!

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