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6 Voter Types, including the Deplorables

As a moderate conservative, I have a love/hate relationship with center left news sources like NPR and Slate.com. They often put out thoughtful pieces, but the latter often leans too far left and misses the larger perspective. Case in point is William Saletan’s article with...


Why America deserves a Trump presidency

As a moderate conservative, I am very disappointed in the success of Donald Trump in his election bid, and mourn the fact that a more moderate voice like John Kasich did not win the GOP primaries. Now I am stuck with the most unenviable of...


Five Views of Church-State Power Interaction

I recently rediscovered a lecture by Brian Mclaren on┬áThe Four Historic Models for Church/State Interaction, and realized that (a) they needed one word formal labels, and (b) there is one more. So here they are people. Theocracy – Religious power is supreme and eclipses government...