D.C. Court rules that ex-gays are covered by anti-discrimination laws

Exga As per a news release at PFOX:

The Superior Court of the  District of Columbia has ruled that former homosexuals are a protected class that must be recognized under sexual orientation non-discrimination laws.  The Court held that, under the D.C. Human Rights Act, sexual orientation does not require immutable characteristics. 

This is a big deal, especially in schools, where ex-gays are not afforded the same protection and privileges as the GLBT crowd.  It means that liberal school staff and administrators can no longer shut out (and openly despise) this very real minority.  You know, kinda how we can't openly despise gays anymore.  I need to shine up my 'Ex-gay is OK' sticker on my car.

2 thoughts on “D.C. Court rules that ex-gays are covered by anti-discrimination laws”

  1. Louis says:

    But I thought that "ex-gays" are now heterosexuals and are, therefore, already a protected class? As for me, I don't think anyone should be discriminated against, even people like seeker.

  2. Mike A. says:

    2 or 3,
    Perhaps you should have bothered to read the ruling itself, rather than trusting PFOX's self-promotional press release.
    D.C. is the perhaps only locale that defines "sexual orientation" to include behavior ("practice") as well as attraction ("preference"). The jurisdiction of the court is the city of D.C. only, and even if the court had broader jurisdiction, the ruling wouldn't apply outside of D.C. because few if any other jurisdictions have a Human Rights Act that defines protected classes so broadly.
    Furthermore, PFOX lost the ruling. The NEA may continue to bar PFOX from meetings because PFOX isn't an ex-gay organization; it's an organization that promotes antigay discrimination and antigay rhetoric contrary to the NEA's policies.
    The court said that the D.C. Human Rights Act does not protect persons or groups that spread the very same discriminatory and defamatory policies that the Act opposes.