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Global Warming: Not Evil, Just Wrong

In less than a week, a new film critiquing the many mistakes of Al Gore’s global warming alarm movie An Inconvenient Truth, will be released. Not Evil, Just Wrong discusses the impact, not of global warming, but of global warming…


The dog ate my global warming data

Ever wonder how the whole global warming scare all came about? As it turns out, the original data used to get us all alarmed is MISSING, and the scientists that first massaged it to ‘prove’ global warming don’t have the…


70% of climate change due to El Nino/La Nina

At least that’s what a NASA scientist told Congress Tuesday. The lead investigator for one of NASA’s flagship Earth Observing Observatories said: On this issue, it can be shown with a simple climate model that small cloud fluctuations assumed to occur with two modes of natural...

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