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What’s wrong with Calivinism

I have a high regard for Calvinism, since it saved me from (hyper)-Arminianism, experienced by me as the Holiness movement. This movement is the child of Wesleyan Holiness, whose major error is the idea of Total Sanctification (that we can reach complete sanctification before death...


WWJD: Whom would Jesus abort?

Abortion is a highly contested topic, like many other human rights issues (there are arguably two, if not three humans involved). Here’s my summary of the issue, from a moderate conservative point of view. But we need to ask ourselves, would Jesus support aborting babies? 1....


WWJD: Whom would Jesus whip?

Interestingly, all religions (except Judaism, perhaps) recognize Jesus as some sort of spiritual prophet (which can not be said of Krishna, Buddha, or Mohammed). But what is interesting about Jesus, and perhaps all prophets, is that a closer inspection of his life reveals that he...