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Lectio Divina Bible Study Journal: Read, Reflect, Respond, Rest

Bible Study should engage more than just the mind, but also the heart. The Lectio Divina (Divine Reading) method is a simple, traditional monastic practice aimed at bringing the reader into a conversation with God over His word. It is a simple but profound four-step method of reading, reflecting, responding, and resting that can consistently bring the Christian into a daily conversation with and contact with God.

This journal has many features including:

  • A quote on prayer or bible study for each day
  • Periodic Review pages where you can record what God has been consistently communicating to you over the last couple of weeks
  • Checklists to track how you are feeling over the days which you can use to map your well being trends

It also contains helpful essays on prayer to deepen your understanding of and practices of prayer, including

  • How to Practice Lectio Divina
  • Prayer Changes Us More than God
  • Regular Conscious Contact with God
  • 6 Steps to Identifying the Voice of God
  • Non-judgmental self-observation for Christians
  • Why We Don’t Pray