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How to measure the success of the stimulus

Judging the success or failure of the stimulus spending has always been a difficult task. To evaluate it, you have to determine what would or could have happened had it not been implemented. That uncertainty allows both sides to play up the issue. The administration

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Pass Obama’s stimulus bill NOW

There is a simple solution to the current political showdown in Washington over the stimulus bill – pass Obama's stimulus plan. Pres. Obama campaigned and won the election. The American people saw the policies he was proposing. With the election, they gave Obama and those

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The Democrat economic problem

My fiscal conservatism has been challenged because of my conditional support of Republicans, particularly over Democrats, when they have been spending money in record amounts. My retort is always that the GOP has been the historical home to fiscal conservatism and smaller federal government. It

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Somebody didn’t tell the economy

While liberals continue to rail against the "tax cuts for the wealthy," Bush tax cuts continue to help the nation as a whole, including bringing in more tax revenues from the middle class and poor corporations and the rich. Listen to this Post Voice-over by

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NY Times fails math

It seems the New York Times is not very good at math (which may be a good thing since math is racist), but pretty good at promoting Democratic political spin. The paper of record discovered a shocking fact when evaluating IRS data – when taxes

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Why Socioeconomics Don’t Explain Black Poverty

Sunday’s New York Times had a very good Op-Ed piece on black poverty called A Poverty of Mind.  It cogently explained why we have largely ignored the cultural factors (that is, the black American subculture) in favor of socioeconomic and educational factors, and why these