newsiconsTo be intelligent contributors to our society, we muse select  reputable news sources inside and OUTSIDE of our normal biases. Not only does this make us more evenly informed, it will enable us to understand others and reduce unnecessary conflict with them and within ourselves.  Here are some sources I recommend as trustworthy.

I have included Facebook links – the easiest way to keep up with these is to like their page so that you see their stuff in your feed. I have “liked” most of these. And don’t forget to value your friends who are on the other side of the fence. Don’t unfriend them, they may be your best contact point for other opinions!

I have also identified one from each category which I think is a good general representative (*).

1. Conservative News Outlets

These are the most reputable conservative outlets I could find. I like them.

2. Centrist News Outlets

Many people consider centrist news sites as the most independent and trustworthy. To some extent, I agree. In another sense, we must avoid the fallacy of the argument to moderation. Some of these are accused of being liberal or too conservative, but I find them often balanced and fair. YMMV.[ref]Here Are The Most- And Least-Trusted News Outlets In America ([/ref]

  • All Sides – This digest actually has three columns, each from one of the three views listed here (Lib, Centrist, Con). This could be your one centrist Facebook like. (AllSides on Facebook)
  • The Atlantic Magazine – they try to stay true to their motto, “Of no creed or clique.” (Atlantic on Facebook)
  • CSPAN – Often overlooked for its reputation of being boring (ever watch those House sessions?). But surprisingly informative (CSPAN on Facebook)
  • FiveThirtyEight – this statistics-oriented site, though a little left of center sometimes, is a wonderful thinking man’s site. (538 on Facebook)
  • National Public Radio – a decade ago, they were very liberal. They’ve worked hard to be more fair, though their liberal bias still shows through pretty often. Still, they are informative and thoughtful, and committed, at least in principle, to fair coverage. (NPR on Facebook)
  • The Real News – the header of their website proclaims, “NO GOVERNMENT, CORPORATE OR ADVERTISING $$$,” which stands as a marker of self-proclaimed nonpartisanship, political and otherwise. They report on news from all around the world, offering stories ignored by most other major outlets. (Real News on Facebook)
  • Reuters News Service – Known for unbiased reporting, there have been some recent controversies over a more liberal climate creating fear in conservative contributors there. We’ll see. (Reuters on Facebook).
  • USA Today – Even their opinion page has two essays, one from each side of an opposing issue. Well done and colorful. (USA Today on Facebook)

3. Liberal News Outlets

Admittedly, I know less about these. So you may need to edumacate me if my list is off.

4. Foreign News Outlets

Getting outside opinions is good, especially since we are so culturally and geographically isolated.