GUIDE: Best Online Bible Tools

imageThere’s a ton out there.  Here are my favorites so far:

Bible Study

  • – this site I use quite a lot because you can search a passage across many translations at ONCE, and view the differences (try Passage Lookup in the left nav) – includes translations into other languages
  •  – all in one study tool to find commentaries and word definitions, etc.  Totally cross-linked and cross-referenced.
  • – this one is interesting bc it is the first ‘open source’ bible, meaning that there are no copyright restrictions like with ALL other English bible translations.  Also, they offer copious interpreters notes to go along w/ each verse, including alternate readings and why they made certain interpretive decisions.  You can mouse over footnotes to see them below.  You can also buy this translation, with all the notes, as a regular Bible.  However, I did not do that because it is not my favorite English translation – there are others (copyrighted ;) that I like more, as far as readability are concerned (probably roughly equal in translation quality).

History and Background

  • – Christian Classics Etherial Library has lots of good secondary docs, including stuff by the Church Fathers



One thought on “GUIDE: Best Online Bible Tools”

  1. James says:

    Another nod for Open Source! For the super grammar geek, Open Source is a great tool once you can slog through understanding how to make relevant searches:
    CARM (Christian Apologetics Resource Ministry) has a lot of easily searchable information:
    I could also easily recommend the Logos software package. It's a big investment, but for the serious bible student, it has a powerful all-in-one system that contains an immense library of resources.