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Conservative v. Liberal Views of Rule of Law

Sorry to be a contrarian, but… I found the aforementioned article on the Rule of Law (ROL) to be a little overly simplistic, painting both conservative and liberal positions in an incomplete light. Also, it failed in presenting a nice picture of a Christian view

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The Emerging (Goth, Punk, Rave) Church

As a product of the Charismatic movement, a mostly American revival of pentecostal Christianity in the late 60’s which began in California and spread around the world, I am always intrested in the latest trends in the non-traditional (cutting-edge) church. Tim at has a

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Christianity Today Weighs In on Schiavo

CT has a nice collection of essays on the issues around this case, including: While I Was Sleeping – Why my husband finally refused to end my life during my two-month coma. Life with Dignity – Let’s not be too eager to pull the plug

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The 10 Issues of the Schiavo Case

There are so many issues that the Schiavo case has unearthed, I wanted to summarize them the best I could, and rant a little too. Enjoy 1. Individual Right to Refuse Treatment Does an individual have the right to refuse treatment? We all agree on

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Finding Meaning – Objective and Subjective Approaches

Meaning, like truth, has both objective and subjective components. Over the centuries, wise men, spiritualists, and philosophers have observed the human condition and concluded that certain principles and practices lead to relative ruin and unhappiness, while others lead to meaning and satisfaction. This is why


Rumor: Jonny Lang a Christian?

For those unfamiliar with Jonny Lang, he is a phenomenal young blues guiatarist and vocalist. We went to see him this past week, and surprisingly, he sang some very Christian songs. First, he sang Stevie Wonder’s "Have a Talk With God." Someone from the crowd

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Are American Universities Liberal?

One of my liberal coworkers and I had a heated discussion about this – amazingly, he thinks that universties are NOT overly liberal, that it’s just a bunch of conservatives complaining about not always getting their way. I guess he missed the recent Univ. of

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Even More Reflections on Worship

Well Daddypundit, as a worship leader myself, I thought I’d answer the same questions. Can’t resist ;) 1. How did you get into worship ministry? How long have you been a part of the worship ministry? a. Getting Started I never knew I had any