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The Sin of Sodom – Inhospitality or Homosexuality?

Kim over at Connexions has written an article showing us that the main sin of Sodom was not homosexuality, but inhospitality.  Of course, gay apologists have long claimed this, and actually, it is based on what I consider to be good hermeneutic – I find...


The Wrath of God 3 – Reversing God’s Abandonment

This post is part of a series. In Parts I and II, I outlined John MacArthur’s exposition of Romans 1, in which he revealed the process of how God judges a nation or people by abandoning them to their fleshly passions.  The original sermon was delivered...


The Wrath of God 2 – How God abandons a nation

This post is part of a series. In Part I, I listed the five types of Wrath of God, according to John MacArthur and the scriptures.  MacArthur then went on to discuss Romans 1, and his conviction that God has abandoned America (the fifth type of...


10 Points on Evangelical Postmillenialism

Along with the current end-time madness currently spurred by the grossly popular Left Behind series comes renewed debate among Christians about whose end-time theology is correct.  Of the many choices to choose from, evangelicals usually align with a Pre-millenialist view.  However, apologist and evangelical theologian...


10 Principles For Doing Apologetics

Here’s a nice "Art of War" for apologetics, in list form, entitled Truth Tactics.  Nice tips for those of us defending Christianity.  If you like the list below, go and read his entire post. Christians are privileged to be emissaries of the living God, heralds...

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