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A Theology of Profanity

Apologizing for Profanity – Bible teacher John Piper apologizes for using profanity, but alludes to the fact that perhaps God is not as prudish as us. This got me searching again for some good articles on the Theology of Profanity. A Theology of Profanity –...


Leon Morris (1914-2006)

In case you haven’t seen the news, Leon Morris the Evangelical theologian has died.  I have really enjoyed his books, including a commentary on Luke (he has a whole NT set) and Testaments of Love: A Study of Love in the Bible (out of print,...


How to identify bad preaching

The Reformed Baptist has a decent post on idendifying bad preaching, though it shows signs of neo-fundamentalism.  Here’s my summary list. The preacher fails to read or refer to scripture during the sermon. The preacher bases his points around some non-biblical metaphor or story, using...