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10 Principles For Doing Apologetics

Here’s a nice "Art of War" for apologetics, in list form, entitled Truth Tactics.  Nice tips for those of us defending Christianity.  If you like the list below, go and read his entire post. Christians are privileged to be emissaries of the living God, heralds...


Do Not Judge – Matthew 7:1-6

This is my first sermon, preached at my small country church. Points include: Take the log out of your own eye Let truth into your own heart first We give mental assent to truth instead of doing it Do correct your brother To download Do...


12 Hermeneutical Principles

Theologian D.A. Carson had a nice 12 point article on hermeneutics (now gone) where he discussed how these apply to such thorny questions as those below (we’ve discussed them here): The issue is this:  What parts of the Bible are binding mandates for us, and...


List of Virtues and Vices

I’m looking to do a study on virtues and vice, and need to make a list. Here’s my list so far.  I like the ones that end in "y."  I think I’m interested in this because a few very important virtues, if encouraged into American...


My Three Cents

Bible Version Selection Tool – Which bible version is best for you?  Find out.  (HT:  Henry’s Web – note that Henry has also published a book on English Bible Translations entitled What’s in a Version?) Test your religious literacy – I got a 92 (pride...

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