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12 Hermeneutical Principles

Theologian D.A. Carson has a nice 12 point article on hermeneutics, and he discusses how these apply to such thorny questions as those below (we’ve discussed them here): The issue is this:  What parts of the Bible are binding mandates for us, and what parts...


List of Virtues and Vices

I’m looking to do a study on virtues and vice, and need to make a list. Here’s my list so far.  I like the ones that end in "y."  I think I’m interested in this because a few very important virtues, if encouraged into American...


My Three Cents

Bible Version Selection Tool – Which bible version is best for you?  Find out.  (HT:  Henry’s Web – note that Henry has also published a book on English Bible Translations entitled What’s in a Version?) Test your religious literacy – I got a 92 (pride...