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Moses was on drugs…

says a professor known to partake of mind-altering drugs. To make this even more over the top – Yes, he was on drugs when his thoughts turned to the life of the Exodus leader: The professor, who came up with his theory after experiencing firsthand...


Whom does the media favor?

Conservatives often like to point out areas where the media favors the liberal candidate over the conservative one. Often the picture selection tells a story of bias. This time a Democrat is on the receiving end.


McCain and NY Times: BFFs no more

John McCain once called the New York Times and the media his “base.” Well, the base has turned on him. After their huge report on a possible-kinda-sorta-not really close affair with a lobbyist, they have unleashed their latest salvo at the man they endorse a...


ABC News is an idiot, too

First, Bill O’Reilly has no idea what a “born again” Christian is and now ABC News political reporter Jake Tapper (and all of his editors) are “biblically illiterate” or at least ignorant of Mark 12 and the story of the widow’s mite (not the “winner’s...


Who to offend?

Two recent flubs by media members have been brought up. One (a crass, but unplanned remark) will get you suspended. One (a crass and planned skit) will not. It’s all about who’s being offended.


Liberal media bias? Even Harvard says “yes”

Conservatives have long b*tched about the liberal bias in the media.  Now, Harvard’s Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy has done a definitive study, and surprise surprise, it turns out that Democrats are favored on television, radio and in the newspapers. ...

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