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Screwtape’s third letter on the blogosphere

Dear Wormwood, I am growing weary of your repeated attempts to undermine me and twist my words of encouragement to you. Surely, you do not think I wish to actually experience what the Enemy calls “grace” do you? Only a small, inexperienced tempter such as...


Screwtape’s second letter on the Blogosphere

My dearest nephew Wormwood, Why do you insist on twisting my helpful words into an attack against me? Do you honestly think you can go to our lord with an accusation against me? You know good and well that I did not equate myself with...


Screwtape’s first letter on the Blogosphere

My Dear Nephew Wormwood, It seems your charge has started what the human vermin call a “blog.” This presents new issues that you can use to bring him down, but you must be careful because like with anything the danger is always there that he...

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