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TIME: God vs. Science

Cineaste pointed me to a very interesting article by TIME Magazine. In God vs. Science, TIME brings in the heavyweights from both sides to argue the question of whether science can coexist with God. Acidic atheist Richard Dawkins says, “no.” Convinced Christian Francis Collins says,...


Global Warming Panic

Nice review of the current global warming debate at Uncommon Descent, which I’ve broken down into an outline by inserting bullets.  You should also read through the comments at the link above – very instructive: A great many scientists have claimed that global warming is...


GATTACA Comes to Life in PGD

Today, we can screen unborn fetuses for abnormalities.  Currently, up to 90% of Down’s Syndrome fetuses are currently aborted before birth, and a recent report from Britain shows that parents are now even aborting for such treatable maladies as club foot and cleft palate. But...