Tagged: Satire

Why Earth should be the Planet of the Apes

A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) indicates that chimps may be more evolved than humans.  While this development may have little impact on current science, it contradicts the anthropocentric view of the world, which views humans as...


What good is satire?

I want to write a short series of satirical stories, but in doing so, I want to make clear what my purpose is, and so I first want to paint my view of the content and purposes of satire.  Enjoy.


Gay Birth Certificates?

This is not really important, but it is interesting.  Now that gays can fool nature (but not nature’s God ;) by choosing artificial insemination to have children, I wondered if the birth certificates need to have more lines for parenthood on them.  Do they?  Something...

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