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Spelling Evangelical without GOP

When I was in elementary school, I was a good kid. I listened in class. I did my homework. The teachers liked having me in their class. One teacher thought so highly of me and my character that she had me sit beside the class...


Legislating morality – how far is too far?

With all of the gay marriage news and the NC anti-cohabitation statute and subsequent lawsuit, the idea of legislating morality is coming to the forefront of the public debate. Is is both constitutional and morally right to “legislate morality” and if so how much is...


Conservative v. Liberal Views of Rule of Law

Sorry to be a contrarian, but… I found the aforementioned article on the Rule of Law (ROL) to be a little overly simplistic, painting both conservative and liberal positions in an incomplete light. Also, it failed in presenting a nice picture of a Christian view...