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California Court Takes on Lesbian Parental Rights Case

From NPR:  In California, a State Supreme Court case will define parental rights for lesbian couples who are no longer together. Should the biological mother have sole legal custody?  Both women had children from the same sperm donor.  They each nursed one another’s kids.  Then...


Interview Video w/ Ex-Gay Stephen Bennet

Stephen Bennet has built a ministry out of his ex-gay experience, and was recently interviewed on TBN.  Now, most of those hosts on TBN seem a little too creepy for me – kinda rich and slimy looking. But Stephen’s 30 minute interview is good.  Enjoy.


Healing Injured Masculinity PART I: Introduction

Most men today arrive in adulthood with injured masculinity.  We are victims of bad or absent fathering, or abuse by other males.  Rather than displaying the characteristics of mature manhood, we display the absence of masculinity in passivity, indecision, effeminacy, and moral weakness, or the...


Is Reparative Therapy Morally Wrong?

I just found this NARTH review of a well-written, balanced (if not liberal) article from Social Work Today entitled Reparative Therapy: What’s Broken?  While the article concludes that reparative therapy is "unethical" for social workers, it does a good job of quoting Narth’s Joseph Nicolisi,...


I am not a homophobe, dammit!

Today, I seem to have run into a couple of articles on homosexuality that I want to discuss.  First, in Words That Need to Become Less Easy to Use, Mike argues that we should disallow certain showstopper words in our discussions if we want to...


Legislating morality – how far is too far?

With all of the gay marriage news and the NC anti-cohabitation statute and subsequent lawsuit, the idea of legislating morality is coming to the forefront of the public debate. Is is both constitutional and morally right to “legislate morality” and if so how much is...

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