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What lies beyond gay marriage?

Conservatives have often opposed the legal approval of gay marriage because, they argue, it will open the door to redefining marriage as basically any kind of relationship (see Mainstreaming Polygamy), in effect diluting marriage to the point where it means nothing. Now, we can’t blame...


Lesbian Music Festival Denies Transgender “Women”

The NYT reports on a growing "problem" in the lesbian community – descrimination against former lesbians who have had operations to become men.  You see, they have "joined the enemy" “It just saddens me to see so many of our strong butch women giving up...


Journey to Manhood Weekends

Peoplecanchange.com has three upcoming weekend events for men who want help healing their SSA.  The events are in Utah, Southern California, and Jacksonville, and are billed this way: Journey into Manhood is a weekend of experiential exercises and inner-healing processes for men who are serious...


Looking for a church that has ex-gay programs?

Exodus International, one of the oldest and most active ex-gay organizations, has created a network of churches that have ex-gay ministries for those who want to be healed of their same sex attractions.  You can look up ministries in your area using their Network of...


AIDS Does Discriminate

Al Mohler has an interesting post up today entitled A Quarter Century of AIDS — What Have We Learned?  Of the many interesting points he outlines is that, while AIDS is certainly a regrettable worldwide pandemic, it is unlike previous pandemics in one significant way...


Federal Marriage Amendment

The debate over this amendment rages across the country and here at this blog. Much of the discussion is positive in nature, however many on both sides resort to frustration and name-calling. I wanted to outline my thoughts on this issue, which will probably anger...

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