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GUIDE: Conditionalist Resources

It is now no secret that I am a Conditionalist sympathizer, now that I am a contributor over at RethinkingHell.com. However, I have been collecting links and such to Conditionalist content on the web, and I need a place to collect it, other than in...


What the Conditionalist view of Hell is NOT

I have recently published a few articles on the topic of Annihilationist (a.k.a. ‘Conditionalist’) view of hell, which claims that the Bible does not teach eternal conscious torment for the lost (the Traditional view), but that those who fail to receive Christ are punished according...


Former Christian Universalist ‘Repents’

Recently, I posted about an upcoming documentary promoting the Christian Universalist view of hell, called Hellbound? An interesting piece of news is that, one of the pastors who vocally supported that view was fired by his church (you can see a newspaper clipping of it...