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Can Christians protest the government biblically?

As a conservative with federalist tendencies, I tend to appreciate and applaud the sentiment of those engaging in “tea parties,” especially on yesterday on “tax day.” However as a Christian, my political philosophy must come under the teachings of Scripture. Are the protests biblical?


Darwinism’s history of racism

Darwinists hate the common association of their pet theory with eugenics, not to mention it’s role in giving scientific validation to Nazi eugenics.  But the historical connections are unavoidable.  (BTW, the same goes for the eugenic roots of the murderous Planned Parenthood). Take, for example, the textbook that...


Christianity and slavery

Much has been said and insinuated about the history of Christianity and slavery. Unfortunately, many Christians, especially in the South, defended the abhorrent practice. However, today’s critics of Christianity often have a distorted view of the role the faith played in the turbulent 1800’s and...