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Amazing WBC Animation

You have to watch this amazing animation of the white blood cell from Harvard Univ. – it is amazing, and you should watch it to the end.  It’s a little technical, but I came away thinking "evolution made this?  No way."


Darwin Compendium

I love perusing the bargain racks at Barnes & Noble, and today I found a nice volume to add to my library, the Darwin Compendium, which contains these works by Chuck: Voyage of the Beagle Origin of the Species Descent of Man and Selection in...


There is no Ph.D. in creationism

Marcus R. Ross submitted an “impeccable” doctoral dissertation on the abundance and spread of mosasaurs, marine reptiles that, vanished at the end of the Cretaceous era about 65 million years ago. But Ross is part of a growing number of Ph.D. candidates causing controversy –...


Darwin Understood the Social Application of his Theory

Evolutionists constantly try to disavow the logical link between Darwinism and social Darwinism, but no matter how they try to divorce themselves from it, even Darwin himself understood that this logical conclusion followed because humans are part of the natural order.  Below are a couple...


No Plausible Theory of Origins, Says Stark

One of my new favorite authors is agnostic sociologist Rodney Stark.  While he has Catholic sympathies, he is not above letting them have it in his reviews of history.  A professor at Baylor University, he has written many journal articles and books on the sociology...

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