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The Gospel message with a beat

The emergence of hip-hop within the Church caused the Christian Science Monitor do examine the trend in the article, ‘Shake it out for Jesus’: Churches co-opt hip-hop. Having my own experience with hip-hop and churches opposed to it, I thought I would share some of...


The problem of race and the media

Bill Bennett said aborting every black would reduce the crime rate, but it was "impossibly ridiculous and morally reprehensible." This caused a media firestorm chastizing Bennett for his insensitivity. Recently, a lesser known individual made the following remarks during a conference broadcast on CSPAN: And...


Afrocentric Christianity

I saw this great program on Religion & Ethics Newsweekly (PBS), discussing a church in Chicago that links modern black xianity to Christians from the bible.  The pastor argues that blacks were Christians in many places before American slavery blacks should embrace their African and...