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Healing Injured Masculinity PART I: Introduction

Most men today arrive in adulthood with injured masculinity.  We are victims of bad or absent fathering, or abuse by other males.  Rather than displaying the characteristics of mature manhood, we display the absence of masculinity in passivity, indecision, effeminacy, and moral weakness, or the...


Deconstructing Euthanasia’s Slippery Slope

I’ve had it with my conservative fellows who insist on tightly linking abortion with right-to-die issues. Sure they are related. NO, they are not synonymous, nor must the decision to allow the right-to-die be instricately linked to abortion rights. Let us instead try to separately...


Finding Meaning – Objective and Subjective Approaches

Meaning, like truth, has both objective and subjective components. Over the centuries, wise men, spiritualists, and philosophers have observed the human condition and concluded that certain principles and practices lead to relative ruin and unhappiness, while others lead to meaning and satisfaction. This is why...

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