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Why is God Silent?

To many, serving an invisible God that only answers in subjective, non-verifiable ways, is pure superstition at best.  And while I understand this line of reasoning, it is not altogether sound because there is MUCH we can verify about God through what is made. But...


Neo-fundy Doctrines?

Recently, I wrote a piece on various issues, and where various groups stand on them – I outlined the far left, left, right, and far right positions.  I also outlined what I thought were the characteristics of my new whipping boy, neofundamentalism. However, today, after...


On Leaving Evolution

As a former biochemist (I’m in computers now), I totally identified with Geoff Down’s story of how he became a creationist (from the book In Six Days: Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation).  Here’s my redux, with quotes from the article. 1. Evolution...


Grieving the Death of Evolution

William Dembski, well-known Intelligent Design spokesperson, had a very funny article the other day entitled Evolution and the Stages of Grief.  I just *have* to summarize it ;).  In the article, he outlines three models for the process of how new truths are recognized.  You’ve...

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