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Don’t agree with liberal politics? Hateful!

Having grown weary of being called hateful for every conservative stance I take, I suddenly realized that liberals call their opposition on almost every issue “hateful.”  It’s an epidemic!  And WHY do they do this?  I surmise that two things are going on – one,...


Why the right opposes global warming

There are a mix of noble and ignoble reasons why conservatives oppose the global warming initiatives.  Of course, the ignoble one is that many are more concerned for short term economic prosperity and holding on to power and the status quo than long term environmental...


SERIES: The Wesleyan Quadrangle

The following articles are in this series: The Wesleyan Quadrangle I – Introduction The Wesleyan Quadrangle II – Scripture and Tradition The Wesleyan Quadrangle III – Scripture and Reason The Wesleyan Quadrangle IV – Scripture and Experience