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Global Warming Skepticism – Why?

I am irritated with the whole Global Warming (GW) discussion, for many reasons, and I am not alone. A recent episode of the excellent podcast This American Life explored why the discussion has stalled, and perhaps why so many remain polarized on the issue –...


Moving Past the Stages of Election Loss Grief

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross is famous for developing her five-stage model for grieving loss. Those stages are: Denial and isolation Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance I want to encourage my fellow conservatives, and conservative Christian friends to move through the stages quickly so that we can recommit to making...


What the Conditionalist view of Hell is NOT

I have recently published a few articles on the topic of Annihilationist (a.k.a. ‘Conditionalist’) view of hell, which claims that the Bible does not teach eternal conscious torment for the lost (the Traditional view), but that those who fail to receive Christ are punished according...