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Reflections On Augustine’s Confessions

Augustine’s work Confessions is one of his major works, and includes not only timeless wisdom comparing this world to the kingdom that is coming, it introduces such imporant concepts as original sin, the timelessness of God, and our disordered loves.


Reflections on the Life of Augustine

1. Thagaste: The Childhood of Augustine One of the most important influences on any human being is the character and quality of their parents and childhood experience. As the child of a fairly well-to-do Italian family in a northern-African outpost of the Roman Empire, Augustine...


Discussions with Dale – 08/2013

This post is part of a Series entitled Discussions with Dale. On this visit, Dale and I only had a few hours to talk, but here are the subjects and resources that came up. Divine Hiddenness and Demographic Distribution – If God is sovereign and desires...