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The Problem of Evil

The problem of evil is one of the top five, maybe even the top intellectual and practical objection to the goodness and existence of God.  I find the Christian answers incomplete and not really intellectually satisfying, but they are interesting to investigate.


The Atheist’s Caricature of Faith

Macht, one of my favorite intellectual Christian philosopher bloggers, has a really nice article which discusses three definitions of faith, and how your view of faith affects how you view the integration of science, religion, and faith.   His second definition of faith is the typical...


Simon Greenleaf, Skeptic Turned Believer

Bryan at The Narrow has a nice short post about one of the many bible skeptics from history who, in his examination of the claims of Christianity, came to believe them.  Greenleaf (1783-1853), a lawyer, ended up writing a book which has been reprinted, The...